​​​​Located in the Nauvoo State Park, the Rheinberger House museum contains many articles  dating back to pioneer times. It features a stone-arched wine cellar and a summer kitchen.The original four room house was built in the 1840s. A 3-acre original vineyard is behind the house and still produces grapes for guests to sample in the fall. Come visit!


The NHS Weld House Museum​ is located at 1380 Mulholland Street. It is named for Dr. John F. Weld. Dr Weld was a physician who came in 1837 and lived and saw patients in the house from 1842-1846. Each room of the museum portrays a timeline period including Native Indian artifacts, Nauvoo's first settlers, a Mormon display and Nauvoo's newspapers.  Upstairs the timeline continues with an Icarian Room, the Bolton/Bollin Room, a River Room, the Schneider/Hummel Room, and the Frances Clark and Merchant Room.  Come see what we have saved for you!